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10 Best Summer Sun Hats

Austin | July 12, 2014

10 best Summer Sun Hats

Since I hit 27 and began noticing the rapid development of brown spots and fine lines, I’ve become anal about protecting my skin from the sun (and that’s putting it mildly). I never leave the house without sunscreen on my face, I rarely sunbathe anymore, and I avoid getting direct sun on my face. After all, sunscreen only does so much — even if you’re wearing sunscreen you’re still getting some amount of sun damage.

So here’s the dilemma: I absolutely love being outside and sunbathing, but every time I do I think of my little skin cells collapsing (to use a very non-scientific term) from DNA-damage.  Damn you, anxiety. So what’s a girl like me to do? Simple — lather up the face and body with SPF 30 and throw on an obnoxiously oversized sun hat. Boom — guilt-free sunbathing!

As you know, I like to pretend I know what’s hot and what’s not by sharing my favorite picks. In this case, I’m giving you the line-up for 10 best summer sun hats. Personally, I think the bigger the sun hat, the better. An oversized one offers my decollate some sun protection love, too. However, I’ve added two less obnoxious sun hats for my ladies who prefer a less in-your-face, literally, style.

Whether you like my ten best list or not, do your face a favor and wear a sun hat when you’re outside. True, most skin damage occurs by the age of 18, but practicing safe sun habits will keep that damage at bay just a little while longer. Oh, and did I mention it protects your skin from cancer? Yea, that’s an important one.

Ten Best Summer Sun Hats

Most of these sun hats come in multiple colors — click the links to see what else is available should you love the style but hate the color. Enjoy your browsing!
10 Best Summer Sun Hats


  1. San Diego Hat Company Brim Sun Hat ($44)
  2. Lola Stop & Go Wide-Brimmed Striped Raffia Sun Hat ($104)
  3. Helen Kaminski Kuya Raffia & Canvas Sun Hat ($175)
  4. Women’s Floppy Straw Sun Hat ($22.94)
  5. San Diego Hat Company Large-Brimmed Sun Hat ($38)
  6. Nordstrom ‘Drama’ Floppy Sun Hat ($78)
  7. Eric Javits Swinger Sun Hat ($350)
  8. Echo Design Multi Patterned Floppy Sun Hat ($33.99)
  9. Jessica Simpson Side Bow Floppy Sun Hat ($37.99) – Featured in my cover shot
  10. Nordstrom ‘Drama’ Cinched Brim Sun Hat ($79.06)

Other than wearing huge sun hats, how do you practice sun safety? Fill me in on your routines — I love hearing new tips!




    Oh wow, just love hats!, it’s beginning a beginning addiction of mine ;).
    A hat can add just that extra glamorous look at your appearance.

    x, Esmeralda

    • Shannon Kearns

      I agree. I’m a bit obsessed, myself! I love that we both have hats in our Disqus photos :-)

  • Floortje van Cooten

    I love hats! You made a great selection dear!


    • Shannon Kearns

      Thank you so much, I’m glad you like them! Btw, your blog ROCKS. Followed you on bloglovin’

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